Tactical substitutions from IPL 2023 confirmed

The next edition of the IPL will have teams using a substitute player that can play an active role in the match. 
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The tactical substitution of players has been confirmed for the 2023 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), scheduled for April-May in the forthcoming summer. 

The IPL governing council and BCCI officially adopted the rule after weeks of speculations and reports around the same. 

According to the latest ploy, teams will have the chance to appoint a substitute player, who will be able to play an active part in the contest. 

The BCCI has told in a note sent to all ten IPL franchises: "Note that from IPL 2023 Season a tactical/strategic concept will be introduced to add a new dimension to IPL, wherein one substitute player per team will be able to take a more active part in an IPL match. The regulations pertaining to the same will be issued shortly."

As stated by the board, a finalised set of rules and regulations around tactical substitution are yet to be laid out. But there are markers from the time the board implemented the same during the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 at the start of the 2022-23 domestic season. 

After SMAT, IPL 2023 to also adopt player substitution 

As per the rule followed during the SMAT 2022-23, the 'Impact Player' can be introduced before the 14th over of either innings in a match. Following the introduction, this player will be allowed to bat or bowl the full quota of four overs. 

Teams must inform the match referee and the standing officials before introducing the impact player on the field at the fall of a wicket or the change of an innings. 

If the tactical substition happens to be a bowler, the impact player can't be introduced during the pre-existing over going on. A batter, however, can walk in as the impact player immediately upon a wicket. 

The impact player will be one of the four substitutions named by teams and conveyed to the officials, with only one of those being allowed to take part in the contest. 

In an earlier report published by Cricbuzz, the board had conveyed to the SMAT sides that the impact player can't be introduced if the match is reduced to 10 overs per side. 

"In case a side batting first has not has faced at least 10 overs (or the innings has been completed) before further reduction in overs, then both teams will be allowed to use Impact Players even if more overs are reduced," the note published in the report read. 

"In case a commenced match is further reduced to below 10 overs per side and one team has already introduced the Impact Player, the other team can also exercise the right to use the Impact Player. If the match, once commenced, is further reduced to below 10 overs and one team hasn't used the Impact Player before reduction, then both teams won't be allowed the use of the Impact Player."