Senior Indian cricketer posts scathing review of 'Animal' movie, later deletes it

The India star labeled the film a 'disgrace', condemning its misogyny and the corresponding glorification. 
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The Bollywood film "Animal" has garnered widespread attention across the nation since its release on Friday (December 1). Starring Ranbir Kapoor, the movie has already amassed INR 130 crore in India within two days. Regardless of the polarized responses, the audience's curiosity has led to packed theaters, eager to witness the essence of the film.

Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, renowned for his success with "Kabir Singh" in 2019, the promise of heightened violence has been fulfilled. However, the film has faced criticism for its depiction of male characters, treatment of female characters, and the explicit display of gore and violence.

Despite calls from some to view the film purely as entertainment, numerous individuals, including esteemed lyricist, writer and actor Swanand Kirkire expressed his dissatisfaction with the blatant misogyny and the mockery of female characters, along with the excessive violence.

Jaydev Unadkat labels the movie as 'absolute disaster'

Senior Indian cricketer Jaydev Unadkat, taking to X (formerly Twitter), shared his review of the film. The left-arm pacer labeled the film a disgrace, condemning its misogyny and the glorification thereof. Unadkat expressed regret over watching it, deeming it a waste of time.

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"What an absolute disaster #AnimalTheFilm was! Glorifying misogyny in today’s world and then tagging it as mere “traditional masculinity” and “alpha male” is a disgrace. We ain’t living in the jungles and palaces and fighting wars or going hunting anymore. It doesn’t matter how good the acting was, one shouldn’t glorify & show such acts in a movie that is watched by millions. There is a thing called social responsibility even in the entertainment industry that one should never forget. Just feels bad that I wasted my 3 hours to watch such a pathetically made movie," Unadkat wrote in a post, which he later deleted. 

Jaydev Unadkat posts scathing review of 'Animal' movie, later deletes it

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