"You're obsessed" - Kohli spots fanboy Joshua Da Silva; stump mic chat goes viral

The West Indies wicketkeeper and Indian batting great have been involved in some amusing friendly chatter throughout the Test series. 
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Virat Kohli and Joshua Da Silva have been constantly chatting with each other during the West Indies Test series. Nothing objectionable, or bordering on the offensive, but the two cricketers have been ears to each other during the Indian innings in Dominica and now Trinidad in much the friendly way. 

Da Silva seems to have opted this tour as a means to express his Kohli fanboyism whenever the great man has walked out to bat in the two-match Test series. Fortunately for him, the Indian batting legend has been in the middle for a long haul, first at the Windsor Park and then at the Queen's Park Oval. 

Like any wicketkeeper, one wouldn't fault Da Silva if the idea is to indirectly disturb Kohli's concentration at the crease. But nothing about his wording has suggested ill-intentions but only praise and a sense of gratitude at being able to interact with his favourite opposition cricketer. 

On his part, Kohli has been more than happy to turn around and have a word while carrying a huge smirk on his face before regaining his focus for the next ball. The 34-year-old legend has known where to draw the line and not to allow the chatter to get to his head too much. 

Kohli-Da Silva's constant friendly chat in West Indies Tests 

There was one such amusing interaction between the great Kohli and rising wicketkeeper Da Silva. In the first, as Indian No.4 reached his second consecutive hard-fought fifty of the series and started picking up gears on his way to finishing 87 not out by stumps on Day 1, Da Silva referred to the imminent big milestone. 

The Caribbean glover spoke about the century, which every Indian fan would be anticipating come Day 2 in Port of Spain, and got a funny reaction out of the modern-day batting maestro, leading to a hilarious conversation in all good spirits. 

Da Silva : "Get your hundred Virat"

Kohli : "You’re obsessed with my milestones?"

Da Silva : "I know, I am, I want you to get your hundred."

To each Kohli fan watching the Test series, it would seem they have one of their own in the West Indies camp, given how willing Da Silva has been to express his love for the Indian batting giant with nice friendly chatter throughout.