Malaysian cricketer unjustly kicked out of team's Whatsapp group because of his training-work scheduling clash

Malasiya cricketer Harinder Sekhon expressed his disappointment in a social media post after being removed from the national team’s Whatsapp group earlier this week.
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“Just killing players and killing cricket.”

Harinder Sekhon, an accomplished athlete and a teacher by profession, was utterly disappointed at the national team’s gesture towards him after having missed a training session earlier this week. He cited the training-work scheduling clash as a possible reason for his removal.

Interestingly, Sekhon is the current World record holder in "Highest standing jump (One leg)", having achieved the mark at 1.384 m (4 ft 6.5 in) back in May 2021.

“How can the national cricket team coach just remove me because I can't make it to training tomorrow as it clashes with my day JOB?!” he wrote.

“No proper solution with the management. No help. Not even a conversation with me. Imagine opening your whatsapp and seeing you’ve been removed just like that!

“I'm juggling work (full time teacher) and playing cricket as well as in the process of breaking another jumping world record.

“WithIn minutes of giving my unavailability for the training tomorrow i get removed by the coach

“I messaged him before to inform him of my difficult situation with work and family at this time. He says he overlooked my message, adds me back to the group & doesnt give a proper reason to remove me then removes me AGAIN! (I'm just as confused as you are) Others are also working, studying, etc but remain in the group after putting their unavailability.

“There are many solutions: evening sessions, allowing me to come late or 1 to 1 sessions whenever, etc. im not sure why this seems like the right solution for him. I never said I'm retiring or taking a break from cricket. Does the coach have sole authority to remove players?”

He further expressed his anguish, pressing on a number of challenges he and fellow cricketers from the region have encountered over the years, accusing the coach and the management of “just killing players and killing cricket”.

“Genuinely disappointed and tired with the system,” he stated.

“I've sacrificed so much to achieve what I have so far for my country and in return there is zero respect and communication. 

“Plenty more matters/issues swept under the rug. Not giving players fair chances in selection matches so that “favourites” can get better opportunities and be picked.

“2-3 months ago before a tour to Canada, out of 5 selection matches I was available for 3 and in all 3 I wasn't given a chance to bat. No reason has still been given to me about this still to this day. The coach says he will meet/talk with me after the tournament but nothing has happened.

“I have spoken to certain higher-ups about these issues but nothing ever comes out of it. This time i’ve brought the issue up to the President of MCA which ive never done before. This is not a misunderstanding or miscommunication, I am unavailable because of work. How is the solution to just remove me?  Is this how the coach plans on developing players? Just killing players and killing cricket.

“In hope for the betterment of cricket for/in Malaysia, the treatment for my teammates & juniors something needs to be done. I’m lucky & privileged enough to speak out about this unlike some of my teammates. I have been quiet about this publicly for too long. Years of mental torture & mistreatment comes to an end today for me. 

“I'm always available to do the best I can to play cricket for Malaysia, but I’m genuinely disappointed with the system.”