Angelo Mathews fires back at fourth umpire with video evidence on Twitter

Angelo Mathews refutes fourth official's claims in controversial timed out dismissal, produces video evidence to prove his case on social media.
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Angelo Mathews, who was controversially timed out in Sri Lanka's clash against Bangladesh, lashed out at the umpires and Bangladesh in the post-match presentation ceremony.

Mathews said - “I have two minutes to get to the crease and get myself ready, which I did. And then it was an equipment malfunction. And I don't know where the common sense went, because obviously it's disgraceful from Shakib and Bangladesh."

“If they want to play cricket like that, I think there's something wrong drastically. I still had five more seconds to go after my helmet broke off.”

The Sri Lankan veteran also commented on the umpiring, bashing them saying they should have checked footage before declaring him out.

He went on to state that they had video evidence to counter the fourth official's claims that he took more than two mins.

"We have the video evidence where from the time the catch was taken, and then from the time I walked into the crease, I still had five seconds after breaking my helmet. So, we talk about safety of the players - you guys tell me if It's right for me to take my guard without my helmet on? It's just pure common sense.

"That's why I think the umpires also had a bigger job at the time, because they could have at least gone back and checked. So, we talk about player safety. And a wicket keeper for the spinner is not - they don't let him keep without his helmet. So how can I take my guard without my helmet? It's complete equipment malfunction."

Post the presser, Mathews went on to comment on Twitter under an ICC article on the issue, stating the fourth umpire was wrong and produced video evidence to prove his case, garnering huge support from the masses in the process.

Adrian Holdstock, the fourth official, had claimed at the innings break that Mathews had been timed out even before the strap came off and hence the equipment malfunction wasn't considered when sending him back after Bangladesh appealed.

The time allotted for a new batter to get ready in the Cricket World Cup playing conditions is two minutes. Mathews, with screenshots of the footage, proved that from the time the catch was taken to him getting ready to face the ball, it was five seconds less than two minutes.