MS Dhoni highlights the drawback of the Impact Player rule at the GT vs CSK toss

The impact player rule was announced before IPL 2023.
MS Dhoni during the toss today

Indian Premier League (IPL) is back for the sixteenth edition. There are a few new rules in the tournament this year, and the impact player rule is one of them.

This rule enables the teams to bring in an impact player at any point of the innings. The teams can use any domestic player under the new rule. But, the number of overseas players can not be more than 4 in any condition.

"An overseas player who is part of 4 substitutes named in the team sheet can be used as an 'Impact Player'. If a team introduces an overseas player as an Impact Player in a match, in no circumstance can a 5th overseas player take the field" said BCCI explaining the impact player rule.

MS Dhoni highlights the drawback of the Impact Player rule at the GT vs CSK toss

During the toss in the first match today, Ravi Shastri asked MS Dhoni about his views on the impact player rule.

“It's a luxury to have (an impact player) because in domestic it was at the 14th over,” said MS Dhoni. “It becomes slightly easy to take the decision because you can use it at any time. Influence of allrounder has become slightly less because of the rule” added Dhoni.


Dhoni’s views on this rule are quite accurate. It is indeed a luxury. In Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, the impact player could only be used after the 14th over. But, in the IPL, a player can be replaced at any point.

The introduction of an impact player reduces the demand for all-rounders. The teams can now play more specialist batters in the XI and later replace one of them with a bowler or vice-versa.

This new rule will add a new dimension to the game. The teams will have to be tactically smarter to use this rule effectively.

Dhoni is one of the shrewdest captains in world cricket. He will be really pleased with this rule. For example, Ben Stokes might not bowl in the tournament. But he can be used as a specialist LHB in the middle-order and later be replaced by a spinner or pacer.

The impact player rule is a fascinating addition. The result of the games might now rest on how smartly the teams use it. A lot will also depend on the quality of bench strength of the teams as well.