'My English is finished now, okay?' - Naseem Shah's hilarious response to a journalist

The young Pakistan fast-bowler had an amusing interaction with one of the journalists present for the pre Test series presser in Rawalpindi. 
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Naseem Shah made an amusing response to a journalist asking him repeated questions at a pre-match press conference prior to the first Test of the historic three-match series against England. The young Pakistan quick joked on his English conversing skills when thrown regular queries by a journalist in Rawalpindi. 

Send for the presser by the team management, Naseem initially responded to a question on England's leading Test wicket-taker James Anderson, who is making a comeback to Pakistan after 17 years and continues to go from strength to strength at the age of 40 in Test cricket. 

Naseem Shah lauded Anderson for his longevity and ethics, recognising the England spearhead's fitness work and attributing it to his passion and commitment to the sport. Being a fellow fast-bowler, Shah said it is mindboggling that Anderson is around even as he approaches his forties. 

"It's a very big achievement because I'm a fast bowler, I know how hard it is. He's a legend, we learn a lot of things from him. When we meet, we discuss about this. He's still playing at 40, he's still fit, so you can imagine how much hard work he's putting," Naseem said. 

Naseem leaves journalists in splits 

This is where the fun began, as the journalist to whom Naseem Shah was answering, threw another question at him in English, asking whether Anderson's presence at the international stage makes for a healthy debate on pace versus skill. With Naseem being an out and out fast-bowler, he was asked what is more important to survive at the highest level: pace or skill? 

To this, the youngster came up with a hilarious response. "Brother, I have just 30 percent English. My English is finished now, okay?" he said, leading to an eruption of laughter among the journalists present for the press conference. 

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Later the journalist refined his query, and made it easier for Naseem to understand the point. "I told you, he's (Anderson) the legend. He knows everything. He knows how to take wickets because he has played cricket everywhere in the world. That's why he's one of the best bowlers in the world," the young gun said.