‘He has somebody in the dressing room who changed my game’ - Kevin Pietersen wants Shubman Gill to learn from this India legend

Kevin Pietersen, with his rich experience and keen understanding of the game, shared his thoughts on Shubman Gill's technique and approach.
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Shubman Gill has been under intense scrutiny of late, particularly in the Test format where his performances haven't quite matched his white-ball exploits. With an average hovering around 32 in Tests, the expectations from Gill as a top-order batter remain unmet, a fact brought into sharper focus during the opening Test against England.

In this Test, Gill found an opportunity to stabilize his position, with Yashasvi Jaiswal laying a solid groundwork. However, after Jaiswal's dismissal, Gill's approach took a defensive turn. This shift in his gameplay culminated in his dismissal for 23 off 66 balls against England's Tom Hartley, sparking a candid analysis from former England batter Kevin Pietersen.

Pietersen, with his rich experience and keen understanding of the game, shared his thoughts on Gill's technique and approach. He highlighted the critical aspect of rotating the strike in Test cricket, an area where Gill seems to struggle. 

“He has somebody in the dressing room who changed my game: Rahul Dravid. I don't know if he will watch this broadcast, but go and spend time with Gill and do the same stuff he talked to me about. Get him to hit the ball on the off-side, practice picking the lengths better, and rotation of the strike. Do things that will help him become a better player,” Pietersen said while commentating on Jio Cinema.

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Rahul Dravid's advice changed Kevin Pietersen's game

This advice is rooted in Pietersen's personal experience, where Dravid's mentorship had a significant impact on his game. 

He further emphasized the importance of Dravid's role in Gill's development, saying, “He's a quality player in Shubman Gill, and no, I'm not disappointed in how he got out. I'm disappointed that he has not got that ability yet (to rotate strike). But then, he's a kid. Give him that ability; give him that structure. If he rotates the strike and learns that from Rahul Dravid, and if the latter takes him under his wings, the world is his.”

Gill's journey in Test cricket is at a critical phase. With only two centuries to his name and a significant focus on his performance in this series, the advice and insights from seasoned players like Pietersen could be pivotal. 

The emphasis on learning from Rahul Dravid and enhancing skills like strike rotation and off-side play could well be the key to unlocking Gill's potential in the Test arena. As the series against England unfolds, all eyes are on Shubman Gill, not just for his scores but for his approach and adaptation to the challenges of Test cricket.

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