'That’s absolutely HORSE**' - Riyan Parag responds to his trolls and critics

After an impressive performance in the Deodhar Trophy, the 21-year-old addressed the allegations and vehemently denying their validity
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The Indian Premier League (IPL) has earned a reputation as a platform for showcasing young talents to the world. However, the case of Riyan Parag has come under scrutiny due to the significant number of matches he has played (54 matches) for Rajasthan Royals (RR), despite having a relatively modest batting average of 16.22 and just four wickets to his name.

This extended opportunity given to the young all-rounder has sparked criticism towards RR as other talented youngsters remain benched. Speculations have also arisen, suggesting that Parag's family might have connections with the franchise, leading to accusations of nepotism.

Recently, after an impressive performance in the Deodhar Trophy, the 21-year-old finally addressed these allegations, vehemently denying their validity. He expressed his hurt at the perception that he took his chances with the 2008 champions for granted.

Riyan Parag didn't mince his words against his critics

"What hurts me the most is that people think I take it for granted, I have some connections or sources, and that’s absolutely HORSE****, I told you about my journey. People from Assam haven’t played at the IPL level, I’m going to play a lot more. I do not take anything for granted, I have the craziest work ethic, you can ask people who are close to me. All that goes unnoticed because I don’t brag about it on social media. You can have all the assumptions if you don’t want to know me," Parag told Cricket.com in an interaction. 

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Parag has not been immune to criticism regarding his performances and behavior, receiving negative comments from various ex-cricketers. However, he asserted that such critiques do matter to him and vowed to continue playing cricket with a focus on enjoying the game.

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