Revealed!! What Sachin Tendulkar told Virat Kohli while crossing him during 2011 World Cup final

The 'Master Blaster' recalled and confirmed the details of his brief chat with the modern-day Indian great during the marquee summit-clash versus Sri Lanka. 
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An image from the famous 2011 World Cup final against Sri Lanka is still etched in the conscience of the Indian fans. Taken for a sign of passing of the baton to the next generation, the legendary Sachin Tendulkar is seen crossing by the then young turk Virat Kohli after his dismissal against Lasith Malinga. 

Every Indian fan remembers how Tendulkar was out caught early in India's run-chase versus Malinga and paved way for the promising Kohli's entry to the scene before the talented right-hander stitched a vital partnership with Gautam Gambhir and revived the hopes of the tournament favourites. 

Also part of the iconic moment was a brief chat that the 'Master Blaster' seems to have with his able successor. Years later, when Kohli was asked to recall the chat and what exactly Tendulkar told him, the modern-day great couldn't detail the conversation since he was in the zone and unable to focus on anything else but the job at hand. 

But Sachin Tendulkar has now opened the lid and recounted what exactly he told Kohli as he was crossing him towards the Indian dressing room. The revelation was made during a question & answer session with the fans on Twitter this Friday (April 21), three days prior to his 50th birthday. 

Tendulkar recalls conversation with Kohli at '11 World Cup final 

In response to a question asked by the popular handle going by the name @CricCrazyJohns, who asked Sachin Tendulkar 'what did you tell Virat at this moment?' in reference to the image of them crossing each other, the legend confirmed: "Ab bhi ball thoda swing ho raha hai! (the ball is still swinging)."

Forever involved in the game, Tendulkar wanted to make sure Kohli was able to make a swift start to his innings and hence, warned him to watch out for the swing that was still happening with the new ball. 

The master had raced along to 18 off 14 balls but was out caught trying to play a cover drive of an away swinger by Malinga inside the seventh over of the Indian run-chase with a target of 275 posing an intimidating challenge in the context of a World Cup final. 

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With the explosive Virender Sehwag, too, out early, India were 31/2 at Tendulkar's dismissal and couldn't have afford to lose another quick wicket. Kohli made sure that didn't happen by adding invaluable 35 runs at his end in a priceless partnership with Gambhir.

That 83-run stand ensured India could bounce back in the game and ultimately propel through to one of their biggest triumphs.