Steve Smith bins Alex Carey story after allegations of unpaid bill to barber

The Australian wicketkeeper was alleged by the Headingley-based barber in 'The Sun' report to have not paid a £30 bill for the haircut in the build-up to the Test match. 
Alex Carey

Steve Smith took great offence to a UK-based report suggesting wicketkeeper Alex Carey had an unpair haircut and hasn't given the barber his due since the beginning of the third Ashes 2023 Test in Headingley. 

The Australian batting great took a direct aim at England's leading newspaper and website 'The Sun' for allegedly reporting that Carey owes a barber named Adam Mahmood a bill of £30 for his haircut. 

The publication reported Mahmood to be stating he is "willing to wait for the money after Carey promised to pay later because he had no notes on him". But the 39-year-old has also set a deadline of Monday (July 10) for the Australian to finish off his Leeds playing duties and pay him his due cash. 

Mahmood also claimed via 'The Sun' report that Carey had visited Doc Barnet’s Barber Shop in Headingley with teammates Marnus Labuschagne, David Warner and Usman Khawaja prior to the third Test and that while the rest of the players took snaps with the barber shop staff, he was the only one who refused to budge to the request. 

Smith brushes aside Carey's unpaid barber story 

Ever since it first came to light, the story seemed all too conveniently made up at a time when the English media has had a collective assault on the Australian wicketkeeper following the controversial stumping against Jonny Bairstow from the previous Test at Lord's. 

Now to further rubbish and bin the story, Smith confirmed on the newly-launched 'Thread' app that Carey has actually not gone through a trim since they were in London for the previous Test match of the marquee five-game series. 


Smith indirectly accused 'The Sun' of manufacturing a story with the help of a barber, who alleged the cricketer of avoiding a payout for the haircut even as the Tesco machine for cash was nearby the Doc Barnet’s shop. 

"They all came in just before we shut," Mahmood told the English newspaper. "We cut their hair and had a great laugh. But we don’t accept cards and Alex said he had no cash on him. Well, there’s a Tesco cash machine literally round the corner he could have run to."

"He could have nipped back to their hotel and been no more than five minutes but instead he said he would transfer it. Maybe he forgot. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt but if it’s not paid by Monday, I won’t be happy."