This captain slept off at the captain's meet-up ahead of the World Cup

The player had recently gone on a round-trip journey from India to South Africa and back due to personal reasons. 
2023 ODI World Cup

Amidst the excitement for the start of the 2023 ODI World Cup, a South Africa cricketer provided a light-hearted moment during the Captains Day event in Ahmedabad on October 4 (Wednesday).

The top-order batter was observed taking a nap at the event, which took place one day before the commencement of the main tournament. While his counterparts were seated in pairs on the couch,  Temba Bavuma, who had recently gone on a round-trip journey from India to South Africa and back due to personal reasons was spotted sitting on a chair. Seemingly fatigued from his travels, he seized the opportunity to steal a moment of rest during the event. Given the circumstances, his brief repose garnered understanding from the cricketing community.

In addition to this light-hearted episode, Bavuma also imparted his perspectives on the experience of South African players competing in India.

Bavuma credits IPL for providing exposure to Indian conditions

A number of players in the Proteas squad have acquired invaluable exposure through the Indian Premier League (IPL). Nonetheless, Bavuma underscored that possessing IPL experience doesn't inherently confer a distinct advantage as several other teams also boast players well-acquainted with Indian conditions.


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"It is something relevant to all the teams; a lot of teams have guys who play in India and have done well in India. I wouldn't really say it is an advantage for us. All we can do is utilize the experience and knowledge of those players who have played in India. They can share it among the team or incorporate it into our strategies. I wouldn't say it is an advantage unique to us as a team," Bavuma remarked.

Temba Bavuma later cleared the rumours via a reply under The Bramy Army tweet. “I blame the camera angle, I wasn’t sleeping”, replied Bavuma. However, plenty of memes were already out before he clarified about that image.

Temba Bavuma is coming with runs on his back and would look to lead from the front throughout the caravan. His team is among the potential contenders to at least reach the knockout stages. South Africa will kick off their campaign against Sri Lanka in Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi, on Saturday (October 7).

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