Virat Kohli names 'Sita-Gita' of Indian cricket team

There are videos viral on social media that show the pair pulling pranks on each other, dancing to songs and other fun moments.
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Star India batter Virat Kohli, in a recent interaction, has named the Sita-Gita of the Indian cricket team. The phrase 'Sita-Gita' usually refers to two people who are close friends, but with a fun undertone to it.

Speaking about the same, the former India skipper named wicketkeeper Ishan Kishan and talented young batter Shubman Gill as the popular duo.

The bromance between Ishan and Shubman is no secret. There are videos viral on social media that show the pair pulling pranks on each other, dancing to songs and other fun moments. 

Even at the Indian Premier League, where Gill represents Gujarat Titans (GT) and Kishan plays for Mumbai Indians(MI), the two were seen having fun during the teams' practice sessions before their encounter.

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Virat Kohli explains why Ishan Kishan and Shubman Gill are 'Sita-Gita' of the Indian team

Speaking at the sidelines of a Puma event, host Gaurav Kapoor quizzed Virat Kohli about strong friendships in the Indian squad. Kohli mentioned that Gill and Kishan are inseparable and have a genuine bond.

“Sita-Gita, Ishan aur Shubman. Pata nahi kya chakkar hai bhai, mai bol nahi sakta zyada cheezein lekin…. Nahi nahi, aisi koi baat nahi hai, dono bohot ache dost hain. Basically, voh akele nahi reh sakte tour pe. To, khana khane bulalo, saath me aayenge, baat karne bulalo saath me hi aayenge. Kabhi maine dekha hi nahi ki voh akele ho. Lekin genuinely, bohot ache dost hain.” (Ishan and Shubman, I don’t know what’s their scene like. I can’t comment much but…. No no, it’s nothing like that, they’re really good friends. Basically, they can’t stay alone on tours. If you invite them to eat, they’ll come together, invite them for a chat, they’ll come together only. I’ve never seen them alone and apart. But genuinely, they’re great friends.)

Ishan Kishan has previously discussed his friendship with Shubman Gill, echoing sentiments similar to those recently expressed by Kohli. Kishan mentioned that their bond has gotten stronger over the years by spending time on tours and exploring new places together.

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