Virat Kohli tweets clarification on social media earnings rumours

The Indian legend issued a rare clarification tweet amidst reports of him charging a bomb for his Instagram posts. 
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Virat Kohli on Saturday (August 12) issued a formal clarification amidst rumours on his earnings through social media brand promotions. The modern-day legend and the most popular cricketers in the world tweeted there is no truth in the reported claims of him charging a bomb for a single promotional post. 

The reports doing the rounds claimed Kohli charges a whopping INR 11.45 crores for one Instagram post from brands. But the cricketer has now revealed there is no weight in those claims and that while he is "grateful" for being one of the richest sportspersons on the face of the earth, he doesn't charge the accused amount for his social media commitments. 

Talking to Twitter, Kohli wrote: "While I am grateful and indebted to all that I’ve received in life, the news that has been making rounds about my social media earnings is not true."

The tweet was a rare response from the Indian legend to an accusation or fake news doing the rounds by his name. Kohli has over the years ignored such rumours, but felt it was critical for him to clarify and debunk the recently reported claim amidst his passionate fans. 

Virat Kohli issues clarification tweet on rumoured social earnings 

In total, Virat Kohli has an eye-catching 256 million followers on Instagram alone, with the corresponding count on Twitter running upto 57.2 million followers. He is easily the most followed sportsperson in India and the third most popular athlete in the world after football giants Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messy, besides being ranked 14th most popular overall celebrity. 

Brands have been keen to associate with the player for the past decade and are willing to shell in great amounts to reserve his face for their products. Apart from his cricketing feats, Kohli's popularity and these brand associations have fueled his wealth to remarkable, unprecedented levels in the Indian sports ecosystem. 

With that has come the keenness on the outside to know what exactly the cricketer makes in terms of numbers and we have had multiple reports do the rounds every year claiming specific amounts that the 34-year-old charges for his brand associations. Kohli had ignored and kept quiet for those, but found it fit to come out in the open about the recent claim of him charging nearly INR 12 crores per Instagram post.