Possible WTC final pitch damage due to Oil protests in London? ICC hurriedly amends playing conditions

Both teams have been duly informed about this potential hazard

WTC Final
This decision by the ICC serves as a contingency plan to address any unforeseen circumstances.

In anticipation of the highly anticipated World Test Championship (WTC) final between India and Australia, the topic of the Oval wicket's greenness has generated considerable discussion. In a recent development, it has now come to light that the International Cricket Council (ICC) has taken the precautionary step of preparing not one, but two pitches for the upcoming one-off match between India and Australia, scheduled to commence on Wednesday, June 7.

This decision by the ICC is not rooted in unknown or controversial motives; rather, it serves as a contingency plan to address any unforeseen circumstances. The ICC's choice to create two pitches stems from a prudent abundance of caution, prompted by the ongoing oil protest and associated disruptions in London.

Given concerns regarding potential breaches at the South London venue, the governing body seeks to be adequately prepared for any eventuality. In line with these measures, the ICC has also introduced amendments to the playing conditions, including the addition of a new clause (6.4), specifically addressing the unlikely scenario of pitch damage prior to or during the Test.

WTC Final to have two pitches available for play

Both teams have been duly informed about this potential hazard, while additional security measures are being implemented to safeguard the match.  The article states, "If the on-field umpires determine that it is unsafe or unreasonable to continue play on the match pitch, they shall halt the game and immediately inform the ICC match referee."

Earlier this month, Ben Stokes-led England team's bus was halted due to these protests. 

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A reliable source close to the development also highlighted the heightened level of caution being exercised, given the significance of this one-match championship final. "We are meticulously preparing for all eventualities to ensure a conclusive outcome for the final," stated the source. 

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