Watch: Glenn Maxwell run-out in controversial manner in Hyderabad T20I

Glenn Maxwell was out in a contentious manner, with Dinesh Karthik's gloves crashing onto the stumps before the throw from Axar Patel. 
Glenn Maxwell

The Australian batter was ruled out despite doubts on the legality of the dismissal after Karthik's gloves made contact with the stumps. 

Glenn Maxwell was at the receiving end of a debatable call made by the third umpire in the series deciding T20I against India in Hyderabad on Sunday (September 25). 

The Australian batter was given run-out off an appeal after a direct throw even as it emerged that wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik had dislodged the bails before with his gloves. 

The replay of the incident confirmed that Karthik had hit the stumps with his gloves in an attempt to collect the throw from the deep by Axar Patel, before it made contact with the three sticks. 

The third umpire ruled that since the bails stayed intact upon Karthik's contact with the stumps before they were properly disturbed off their place by the throw from Patel, Glenn Maxwell could be ruled dismissed run-out. 

Glenn Maxwell's debatable run-out 

The incident happened on the fourth ball of the eighth over in the Australian first-innings batting effort for the night. Facing wristspinner Yuzvendra Chahal, Glenn Maxwell dispatched him away through the on-side and called for a two with his batting partner Steve Smith. 

But with Patel covering the ground rapidly, Maxwell had a moment of hesitation, which turned the matter into a close affair when the throw from Patel hit the stumps on the direct. The replay showed Maxwell was short of his ground, which made it seem a decision of 'out' on the big screen is imminent now. 

However, a close-in replay of the run-out confirmed that Karthik had made contact with the stumps before the ball crashed on to them, turning the scenario completely in favour of the batter. 

But Maxwell didn't survive since third umpire KN Anantha Padmanabhan found that despite Karthik's contact with the stump, the bails on top it hadn't been removed from its position until Patel's throw dislodged it completely. 

The end result made for contentious scenes since the entire Indian fielding unit had taken their positions back after the appeal, presuming that Glenn Maxwell. They and the batter were in for the shock of their lives when the giant screen displayed 'out', triggering anger on the face of Maxwell, who was seen having a quick word with the standing umpires.