WATCH: Rookie player takes stunning one-handed catch in Bengal Pro T20 League match

With just a few metres away from the boundary rope, he perfectly timed his jump to catch a one-handed stunner. 
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The Indian cricket landscape, ever since the inception of the Indian Premier League (IPL), has witnessed a major boost in the overall cricketers pool with a number of talents coming up. The spectrum has broadened even wider with regional franchise T20 leagues like Tamil Nadu Premier League, Bengal T20 League etc giving birth to more talents. 

We saw a testament to that when a rookie player, earlier today, took an exceptional catch during the inaugural Bengal Pro T20 League, which started on June 11 and will culminate on June 28 with the summit clash. 

The incident happened during Match 7 of the Bengal Pro T20 League 2024 when Abhishek Das executed a remarkable catch while playing for the Adamas Howrah Warriors against the Rashmi Medinipur Wizards. His fielding performance was crucial in helping the Warriors secure a five-wicket victory over the Wizards at Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

During the 19th over of the Wizards' innings, Kanishk Seth of the Warriors bowled a fuller-length delivery. Deepak Mahato advanced down the pitch to loft the ball towards the long-on area. As the ball approached, Das, positioned a few meters from the boundary, made a timely leap to complete a spectacular one-handed catch in mid-air.

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WATCH: One-handed stunning catch by a rookie in Bengal Pro T20 League 2024

With the win, the Adamas Howrah Warriors hold the fourth position in the league standings, thanks to their healthy net run rate (NRR) and the two points they secured from their initial two games. On the other hand, the Rashmi Medinipur Wizards are at the bottom of the table, placed eighth, having failed to secure a win in their first two matches.

The Bengal Pro T20 League 2024 has eight teams fighting for the coveted title and it will be a simultaneous men's and women's tournament. The teams in the flagship edition are - Adamas Howrah Warriors, Kolkata Tigers, Servotech Siliguri Strikers, Murshidabad Kings, Sobisco Smashers Malda, Rarh Tigers, Medinipur Wizards and Harbour Diamonds.

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