Watch: Usman Khawaja's daughter makes funny press appearance with dad

The experienced left-hander further stole hearts by taking his little one along with him to the press briefing after scoring a brilliant century in Edgbaston. 
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Usman Khawaja brightened up his stellar outing in the Ashes 2023 opener in Edgbaston with a heartening appearance at the press conference held after Day 2 alongside his little daughter. As the experienced left-hander finally nailed it in English conditions with an unbeaten century, he entered the press room with his young one, who couldn't help but cutely disturb the camera panned on her dad. 

In a funny clip doing the rounds on Twitter, Khawaja was seen consoling his daughter while she swiped through the camera placed beneath the mic, thinking it was her father's phone. The dad shared a heartening moment with her thereafter, where he could be seen kissing her on the head. 

The moment he stepped into the press room, Usman Khawaja informed the media personnel it was since she didn't want to leave him from the day's play got over, he amusingly had no choice but to take his daughter with him to the briefing. 

What followed was a funny scene where the little one could be seen touching and flipping the camera screen placed just under the cameras panned on her father and catching each of his words. When the man consoled her, it erupted laughter inside the room full of Australian and English journalists. 

Usman Khawaja's daughter with funny PC appearance 

Khawaja was consoling his daughter after she mistakenly scrolled through a journalist's camera roll placed beneath the mic to catch the glimpse of the cricketer and be able to transcript his words. 

The wonderful moment with his daughter would've further lighten up a great day for Khawaja, who struck perhaps one of the more important Test hundreds of his career. 

The elegant opener's unbroken 126 off 279 deliveries not only exhibited his great patience and technical acumen but also kept Australia's noses ahead by responding to England's 393/8 declared with 311/5 of their own. 

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Carrying doubts on his prowess in English conditions, Khawaja also dispelled concerns about his spot and future for the series, sealing his place for all five Tests, which would help him keep the noise on the outside at bay and relish the place of incumbency to produce his best.