WATCH: Reece Topley throws chair and slams window in anger during SA clash

Topley sustained an injury to his left-hand index finger in the fourth over of the powerplay and had to leave the field.
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England's Reece Topley, in a fit of frustration, expressed his displeasure after being forced to exit the field due to injury during the match against South Africa on October 21. He forcefully pushed a chair aside and struck objects against the dressing room glass.

Topley sustained an injury to the end of his left-hand index finger in the fourth over of the powerplay against South Africa. After receiving on-field treatment, he attempted to continue his over before ultimately leaving the field for further assistance.

While making his way off the field, Topley channeled his frustration towards inanimate objects in his path. After delivering a kick to an unseen object on the ground, he encountered a chair on the stairs leading to the dressing room. He swiped at the chair with his right hand, causing it to topple over and out of sight.

Topley then ascended the stairs to the England dressing room. Once inside, he continued to vent his frustration, hurling objects at the glass in front of the room and storming around, knocking whatever he could find off tables.

Reece Topley had to go off the field in the last encounter against AFG also

This injury marked the second occasion in as many matches that Topley had to leave the field due to injury. In England's prior match against Afghanistan, Topley spent time off the field after injuring his knee while diving for a ball near the boundary. Despite the extended period off the field following the incident, he later returned to bowl during Afghanistan's innings.

Topley is no stranger to injuries as he has spent a significant portion of his career sidelined and has missed several pivotal international series and competitions. He was initially selected in England's squad for the T20 World Cup last year, only to suffer an injury mere days before the tournament's commencement.

Topley's recurrent injury struggles have led him to contemplate whether he should consider leaving the game altogether.

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Despite his evident anger and apprehension after his recent scare, Topley re-entered the field midway through South Africa's innings and secured two more wickets.

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