Updated IPL 2023 Playoff Qualification Scenario: Delhi Capitals becomes first team to face exit; LSG enters Top 4

Here we bring to you the updated IPL 2023 Playoff Qualification Scenario for all teams in one of the most closely fought Indian Premier League seasons of all-time.
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As IPL 2023 reaches the business end of the tournament, it has proven to be the most fiercely contested edition in its history as the IPL 2023 Playoff Qualification scenario is still open for all ten teams. After 59 matches, no team has secured a spot in the Playoffs, but Delhi Capitals have been eliminated from the race. However, PBKS kept their playoffs hopes alive while LSG entered the top $ to consolidate their spot.

With 11 league-stage matches remaining, we will assess each team's qualification prospects by analyzing their current points and forthcoming fixtures to provide a clear picture of the qualification situation.

IPL 2023 Points Table

1 GT 12 8 4 0 0.761 2064/229.0 1975/239.2 16 LWWLW
2 CSK 12 7 4 1 0.493 2002/214.3 1939/219.2 15 WWNLL
3 MI 12 7 5 0 -0.117 2219/232.3 2243/232.1 14 WWLWW
4 LSG 12 6 5 1 0.309 1900/215.2 1869/219.3 13 WLNLW
5 RR 12 6 6 0 0.633 2171/232.3 2031/233.2 12 WLLLW
6 PBKS 12 6 6 0 -0.268 2133/235.3 2162/231.5 12 WLLWL
7 RCB 11 5 6 0 -0.345 1947/216.2 1992/213.1 10 LLWLW
8 KKR 12 5 7 0 -0.357 2141/236.0 2112/224.0 10 LWWLW
9 SRH 11 4 7 0 -0.471 1836/217.1 1910/214.0 8 LWLWL
10 DC 12 4 8 0 -0.686 1823/236.0 2003/238.1 8 LLWWL

Updated IPL 2023 Playoff Qualification Scenario

1. Chennai Super Kings - Matches Remaining: KKR (H) & DC (A)

Chennai Super Kings are in a comfortable position after their win against DC and are currently at second place with 15 points from 12 games. They have one home game left against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), as well as an away game against DC. DC and KKR are currently languishing at the bottom half of the points table. CSK now need one win from their remaining two games, to secure their spot in the Playoffs.

2. Delhi Capitals - Matches Remaining: CSK (H) & PBKS (A)

Following their loss against PBKS earlier tonight, the franchise became the first team to face exit from the IPL 2023 playoffs.

Despite a slow start with five consecutive losses, Delhi Capitals won four out of their next five matches, but consecutive losses against CSK and PBKS tonight brought their total to 8 points from 12 games and placed them in last position. With them being out of the Playoffs race now, DC will now play a crucial role in deciding the fate of how the Top 4 will shape up. 

3. Gujarat Titans - Matches Remaining: MI (A), SRH (H) & RCB (A)

Gujarat Titans have repeated their last year's performance, accumulating an impressive 16 points from 11 games. Although they have not yet qualified, no team in history has failed to qualify with 16 points. Mathematically, it is still possible for them to miss out as six or more teams can finish with 16 or more points. However, if they win just one more game, they will secure their spot in the Playoffs without any other scenarios coming into play.

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4. Kolkata Knight Riders - Matches Remaining: CSK (A) & LSG (H)

KKR's recent loss against Rajasthan Royals has marred their hopes of making it to the Playoffs in IPL 2023. With three wins in their last six matches, KKR currently sits at the seventh spot with 10 points from 12 games, which means even if they win all their remaining two matches, they'll have to depend on the results of other teams to make it Playoffs. However, the road ahead is not be easy and guaranteed, as they have remaining challenging fixtures against CSK, and LSG. While it would be fascinating if KKR makes it to the top 4, it seems difficult for now.

Updated IPL 2023 Playoffs Qualification Scenario

5. Lucknow Super Giants - Matches Remaining: MI (H) & KKR (A)

Lucknow Super Giants currently sit in fourth place with 13 points from 12 games as they consolidated their berth with a win against SRH today. To have a confirmed shot at the Playoffs, they must win the remaining couple of games. If they lose one, it should not be against MI, and they would also need two of RR, PBKS, and RCB not to end up at 16 points.

6. Mumbai Indians - Matches Remaining: GT (H), LSG (A) & SRH (H)

Mumbai Indians are currently in third place with 12 points from 11 games. While their position has improved at the correct time, they have some tough fixtures coming up. They would need to win all three games to have a confirmed shot at the Playoffs. Losing a match should not be against LSG. If MI manages to win against LSG, it could potentially mean the end of LSG's Playoffs Qualification Scenario, with RCB on the borderline. The latest IPL Playoffs Chances has LSG in a struggle to make the playoffs.

7. Punjab Kings - Matches Remaining: DC (H) & RR (H)

The chances of Punjab Kings qualifying for the Playoffs in IPL 2023 got a new boost after their recent win against DC. With only 12 points from as many games, they are currently placed at the sixth spot in the table. To ensure the Playoffs berth, Punjab Kings must secure victories in all the remaining matches, which includes home games against DC and RR. However, this would be a challenging feat.

8. Rajasthan Royals - Matches Remaining: RCB (H) & PBKS (A)

Rajasthan Royals climbed to the third spot with their emphatic win against KKR and currently have 12 points from as many games. Their upcoming fixtures are all challenging, but if they can churn out a win in both games, the Sanju Samson-led side will confirm their spot in the Playoffs. However, with tough away games against RCB and PBKS, it will be an uphill task but the inaugural champions have the momentum on their side.

9. Royal Challengers Bangalore - Matches Remaining: RR (A), SRH (A) & GT (H)

RCB, holding the seventh place with 10 points from 11 games, will need to bring their A-game to have a shot at the Playoffs. Unfortunately, they face the challenge of playing away fixtures against RR, and SRH, and they must win all their games. They also need to defeat the in-form GT to secure their Playoffs spot. 

10. Sunrisers Hyderabad - Matches Remaining: GT (A), RCB (H) & MI (A)

A loss against LSG has dampened the Sunrisers Hyderabad's ambitions in the hunt for the Playoffs, but they remain in ninth place with 8 points from 11 games. Their hopes of qualifying for the Playoffs are still alive, but they need to win all four remaining games. Even if they do, it seems like an uphill task as they can attain a maximum of 14 points and will have to depend on other results. Also, their negative NRR may pose a strong hindrance and lead to their elimination from the tournament.

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