Massive new rule implemented for IPL 2024

This rule was previously trialled in The Hundred. 
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In a recent development coming in ahead of the upcoming season of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2024), a new rule has been implemented for the enhancement of the game. 

To increase the accuracy and speed of decision making, the IPL will introduce the Smart Replay System this season.

According to ESPNcricinfo, in the Smart Replay System, the TV umpire will directly receive inputs from two Hawk-Eye operators situated alongside them. These operators will provide the umpire with images captured by eight hi-speed cameras strategically positioned across the ground.

Under this new system, the role of the TV broadcast director as an intermediary between the third umpire and the Hawk-Eye operators will be eliminated.

It's anticipated that the implementation of the Smart Replay System will allow the TV umpire with access to a broader range of visuals compared to the previous setup, including the ability to view split-screen images for better decision-making.

How will the Smart Replay System work?

During any match, there are a total of eight Hawk-Eye cameras: two on each side of the ground along the straight boundaries, and an additional two on each side positioned at square leg. Before IPL 2023, the primary utilization of Hawk-Eye cameras was for ball tracking and Ultra Edge technology.

Consequently, apart from verifying lbw decisions and edges, broadcasters predominantly relied on footage captured by their own cameras for on-field referrals.

The ECB has previously trialled a similar referral system in the Hundred.

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To familiarize select umpires with the new system, the BCCI organized a comprehensive two-day workshop in Mumbai. Approximately 15 umpires, consisting of both Indian and international officials, are slated to operate the Smart Replay System during IPL 2024.

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