WATCH: Funny interaction between Rinku Singh and Virat Kohli as former cheekily asks for a second bat

Virat Kohli and Rinku Singh were involved in a funny conversation before the KKR vs RCB match at Eden Gardens.

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Star KKR batter Rinku Singh was involved in a funny interaction with RCB legend Virat Kohli before the clash between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bengaluru at Eden Gardens. During the interaction, Rinku Singh can be seen informing Virat Kohli about the bat being broken while batting against a spinner. The bat was gifted by Kohli to Rinku a few days ago.

This left Kohli shell-shocked as he couldn't believe his bat was broken against a spinner. Rinku was seen trying hard to get another bat from the RCB veteran. The KKR batter sweared on not breaking the bat again if Kohli gives him another one.

WATCH: Funny conversation between Virat Kohli and Rinku Singh

Here is how the whole conversation went:

Rinku: I broke the bat (you gave) against a spinner.

Kohli: My bat?

Rinku: Yes

Kohli: You broke it against a spinner? Where did you break it from?

Rinku: From the middle.

Kohli: What should I do then?

Rinku: I was just informing you.

Kohli: No problem. Good that you told me. But I don't need information (Kohli laughs while looking at the camera).

(Rinku starts knocking the ball on one of Virat's bats)

Kohli: This bat is no good.

Singh: Are you sending one?

Kohli: To whom am I sending?

Rinku: You can keep it (returns Kohli's bats to him)

Kohli: You took a bat from me previously. Now you want second bat in second game? Teri vajah se na, jo meri baadmei halat hoti hai na (Because of you, I face consequences later).

Rinku: I swear on you, won't break the bat again. I can show you the broken bat.

Earlier, during RCB's fixture against KKR at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru on May 29, Kohli had gifted Rinku Singh one of his bats. Rinku shared the picture on social media as well. The pictures were shared by Kolkata Knight Riders on their social media page captioning, "The bond we love to see!"

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Talking about the match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bengaluru, it was a thriller between the two sides. KKR won the match by 1 run but RCB showed tremendous resilience as it was certainly one of their better performances in the last few games. But it wasn't enough and they fell short by the barest of margins.

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