'Doctors talked of amputation' - Rishabh Pant recalls harrowing accident and recovery

Rishabh Pant is set make a comeback to competitive cricket on March 23, where Delhi Capitals will play Punjab Kings at Mohali.

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Rishabh Pant is set to make a comeback to competitive cricket from IPL 2024. The wicketkeeper-batter has been declared fit to bat and keep wickets by the BCCI’s medical team. Pant has not played any competitive cricket since December 2022.

The swashbuckling left-hander had suffered a horrific car accident, where his life was in danger as well. He has gone through tough and frustrating times since then, both mentally and physically. To recover from that trauma and becoming match fit, it requires dedication and determination.

While talking exclusively to TOI, Pant shared his happiness on being declared fit as a wicketkeeper-batter by BCCI.

“Amazing feeling. This was the thing we were waiting for. It’s been so long. I think you can still cope with a layoff of three to six months. But when it goes beyond that, it starts taking a toll. I just want to go out there and play and have fun. Not thinking about the future too much, because (then) you put too much pressure on yourself. Looking forward to each day as it comes,” Pant said.

'Doctors talked of amputation:' Rishabh Pant

Pant revealed that being spiritual helped him remain disciplined. He said that the doctors even spoke about amputation to him.

“You become more disciplined if you are spiritual. It’s a personal choice. It helped me concentrate on myself. When my accident happened, I felt something spiritual saved me. With the kind of accident I had, I only got my knee injured but I can’t even imagine how much worse it could have been,” Pant said.

“Doctors even spoke to me about amputation. I always thought about God. This has given a different view altogether. I know someone is watching over me,” he added.

Talking about his comeback and his chances in the T20 World Cup, Pant said that he doesn’t want to take too much pressure and will go one match at a time.

“We will see when we get to March 23 (Delhi Capitals’ first match). I also don’t know how to react. I don’t know what kind of feeling it will be. I am trying to enjoy this. I don’t want to stress too much. I try not to get too much ahead of myself but I do think about the possibilities — both positive and negative. I try to filter that and keep working with a positive mindset,” Pant mentioned.

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Rishabh Pant is expected to be back on the field from Delhi Capitals’ first IPL match of the season on March 23. He is expected to lead the side in this game against Punjab Kings at Mohali.

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