Controversy in the Bangladesh v India Test as new bails fail to dislodge; Shreyas Iyer gets a life

Bangladeshi players couldn't believe their misfortune as Shreyas Iyer survived despite the ball hitting the stumps after passing his defence.ย 
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Always a bizarre occurrence when it takes place, the fag end of Day 1 in the Chattogram Test between hosts Bangladesh and India saw the bails don't fall off even as seamer Ebadot Hossain breached the defence of Shreyas Iyer. 

Ebadot got Iyer missing a straight, low skidder of a ball but even as the ball brushed the off-stump, the bails resting on top of the stumps refused to fall off, leading to strange scenes where the entire Bangladesh side watched the stumps in disbelief. 

Even Iyer saw the funny side of things, feeling relieved and counting himself extremely lucky to have survived what should've been a straightforward dismissal. The batter remained intact in the middle even as the ball inched past him and hit the stumps. 

The moment Bangladeshi players found out that the bails hadn't fallen off, they couldn't believe their eyes and even went near the stumps to check if there is something wrong. Just as same, Shreyas Iyer could count himself lucky and grinned his way to face the next ball. 

How did Shreyas Iyer survive? 

The interesting bit in all of it is that they had changed the bails not long before the Shreyas Iyer mishap that happened near the close of the 88th over of the Bangladeshi first-innings bowling effort. 

Delivering a peach of a delivery, Ebadot got Iyer undone with a ball keeping low despite him having gotten accustomed to the surface with a valuable knock of 77 at the time to Indian cause. The ball went through the right-hander's defence and brushed the stumps, leading to a wild celebration within the home team's camp. 

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That jubilation, however, was shortlived as Ebadot and the rest saw that the bails hadn't even fell off the stumps, which meant that the batter couldn't be declared out. 

In another occurrence that may bring the heavy bails used on stumps with artificial lights embedded under spotlight, Iyer was fortunate to have survived in the middle when he should've been making a long walk back in normal circumstances.