HawkEye founder clears debate on controversial Joe Root DRS

Although umpires denied India's appeal for lbw, DRS showed Root being out. 
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The England team lost the 4th Test in Ranchi and consequently conceded the five-match Test series. Although the Three Lions started the match strongly, they failed to keep up the momentum as Rohit Sharma and Co bounced back to seal the contest. 

However, during the match, a contentious decision was made against England batter Joe Root. Root, who slammed a crucial century in the first innings had to depart cheaply in the second innings following a DRS decision that went against him. 

A Ravichandran Ashwin delivery struck Root in the pads and the umpire has denied India's plea for lbw. However, Rohit Sharma decided to challenge the on-field umpire's decision, opting for a review. The decision was eventually overturned after the Hawkeye deemed the ball had pitched in the line of the leg-stump in a significantly close call, ruling Root out. The decision soon came under scrutiny with conflicting opinions making the rounds.  

HawkEye founder gives clarity

Amidst all the commotion, Paul Hawkins, the founder of HawkEye has now intervened to offer some essential clarity. Hawkins tackled the questions and uncertainties surrounding the contentious choice in a recent podcast.

"So firstly, you measure the width of the stumps on each day of the Test. That then becomes the lines between what's pitched in line and what's not. It was a very close-on (Joe Root call)," Hawkinds told Simon Hughes in the 'The Analyst' podcast.

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"In tennis, you will occasionally get zero mm in or zero mm out (in terms of ball pitching outside the line). But in tennis, it's decided that it's not out until it's not zero mm, but it's 1mm out. So, in tennis, we shift the bounce mark just for the presentation perspective, so a zero mm in becomes a 1mm in to enable the viewers to see the mark.

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