Kohli undergoes pace simulation to tackle Burger threat, Shreyas faces bouncers ahead of Cape Town Test

India currently trails in the two-match Test series after a substantial defeat at Centurion.

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Virat Kohli exhibited exceptional form during an extensive training session in preparation for South Africa's left-arm pacer, Nandre Burger in Cape Town. Kohli looked in good touch with the willow and was at peak condition. Meanwhile, Shreyas Iyer faced persistent challenges by dealing with a series of short-pitched deliveries.

On New Year's Day, Kohli adhered to his regular routine, engaging in a nearly hour-long session. Initially, he faced bowlers at the central nets, followed by a rigorous 20 to 25 minutes of confronting high-intensity throwdowns at the outside nets.

Subsequently, a net bowler was called in and Kohli spent a significant amount of time facing around 25 to 30 deliveries from him, interspersed with matchups against Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Siraj, R Ashwin and Avesh Khan.

However, a pressing concern was that the young bowler provided by Cricket South Africa (CSA) had pace that was at least 15 clicks slower compared to Burger, who had a remarkable debut with seven wickets in the opening Test at Centurion.

Shreyas Iyer looked in trouble with deliveries bouncing above his waistline

Shreyas Iyer's vulnerability to short-pitched deliveries is no secret. The Centurion Test once again emphasized his challenges in facing bouncers, particularly struggling with deliveries above his waistline.

During a session with Nuwan Senaviratne, the Sri Lankan left-arm side-armer, Iyer reacted late while attempting to pull a delivery, resulting in a hit to the fleshy part of his stomach. Briefly stopping and appearing in pain, he was given water before resuming his batting.

All three throwdown specialists bowled to him from 18 yards and he did not appear solid or confident, despite being an automatic choice in the playing XI.

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India currently trails in the two-match series after a substantial defeat in the opening match.

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