‘IPL money goes to their head’: Former India batter about Ishan Kishan skipping Ranji Trophy

Ishan Kishan took a break from cricket recently and has made himself unavailable for Ranji Trophy citing mental fatigue.

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Ishan Kishan has skipped Ranji Trophy but is expected to play for Mumbai Indians in the IPL 2024.

Former India batter Manoj Tiwary recently announced his retirement from first-class cricket, which spanned almost two decades. Tiwary scored over 10000 runs in first-class cricket at an average of 47.86. After his retirement, he spoke about Ranji Trophy’s future and the conditions in which its played.

Tiwary believed that the Ranji Trophy should be scrapped from the calendar. “I gave this assessment based on what I witnessed while playing in the tournament. The significance and charm of Ranji Trophy has diminished because the IPL auction happens before the tournament starts. Once a player gets an IPL contract, they don’t have the drive to play Ranji Trophy,” Tiwary said to the Indian Express.

“There is also the fear that if an injury is sustained during a Ranji Trophy game, it could affect the IPL contract. There is a lot of money involved in the IPL. I think domestic cricket needs ‘servicing’ now,” he added.

Manoj Tiwary on Ishan Kishan not playing Ranji Trophy

Talking about players prioritizing IPL over red-ball cricket, Tiwary felt that players should not be blamed for it. “I feel players shouldn’t be blamed. If a young player is getting Rs 5 crores from the IPL, it goes to their head. He will tell himself that ‘I will play two months of IPL cricket and earn so much money’. Why would a player toil hard in red-ball cricket for a small amount of money when he can earn in millions by playing two months in the IPL,” said Tiwary.

“It (referring to Ishan Kishan) is the first time I have seen a player informing an Indian team during a series that he has mental fatigue and takes a break and then is reportedly seen partying. An IPL player has so much financial security. He knows that someone at the top will help in the future and everything will be fine,” Tiwary added.

‘The umpires have looked sleepy’: Manoj Tiwary

The 38-year-old Bengal batter also spoke about the quality of umpiring at the domestic level. He wants umpires to go through the dope tests as well along with the players. “If a player has to go through dope tests, it should be extended to domestic umpires. Many times I have seen umpires walking out to the middle while still nursing a hangover. The umpires have looked sleepy. How can he function properly in such a situation?” Tiwary wondered.

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Manoj Tiwary played 12 ODIs and 3 T20Is for India. His last Ranji game was against Bihar, which Bengal won comfortably by an innings and 204 runs. Despite winning the match, Bengal failed to qualify for the quarterfinals and finished third in Group B.