"Aaj tu gaya": Former India batter reveals receiving threat from Gautam Gambhir

He recently opened up on the infamous fight that he had with Gambhir 9 years ago during Ranji Trophy. 
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Former India batter Gautam Gambhir had a reputation for his daring batting as well as a fiery attitude. However, recently, another retired Indian cricketer has revealed being threatened by Gautam Gambhir after a spat during their playing days. 

Manoj Tiwary, the flamboyant batter who captained Bengal and recently announced his retirement opened up on the infamous fight that he had with Gambhir 9 years ago during Ranji Trophy. 

In 2015, Tiwary and his Delhi counterpart Gautam Gambhir engaged in a heated exchange during a Ranji Trophy match at the Feroze Shah Kotla stadium. The incident occurred when Tiwary initially went in to bat at No. 4 wearing a cap but then requested a helmet upon realizing that pacer Sumit Narwal would be bowling from the other end. Gambhir, positioned at first slip, became agitated, leading to a tense verbal confrontation between the duo.

Manoj Tiwary narrates the infamous incident

Tiwary told in a chat with Sports Now, "The fight I had with Gambhir that day is the only regret I have because people who know me will tell you that I am not that sort of a person who goes out there and quarrels with seniors. It is one of those memories that I could have avoided. I have a good relationship with my seniors, but due to one incident, it spoilt my image."

Gautam Gambhir-Manoj Tiwary Ranji Trophy spat

Tiwary then answered if Gambhir had indeed said "Tu bahar mil match ke baad, ((Meet me after the match) and aaj tu gaya (you are finished today)"

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Manoj said, "Yeah ( laughs), and that was very immature of him to say that. In Kotla, the journalist's tent is inside the ground, and everyone hears each and every word present there. But with my physical attribute and his physical attribute, kise pata kaun shaam ko milta ( who knows who would have met outside the ground) (laughs again).

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