Michael Vaughan labels India as the 'most underachieving team'

The former England skipper highlighted India's tendency to fall short in winning matches despite having ample resources at their disposal
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Michael Vaughan has characterized the present Indian cricket team as one of the most "underachieving sports teams," emphasizing their frequent failures despite possessing considerable talent. In his analysis of the outcome of the South Africa-India Boxing Day Test match, where India suffered an innings defeat within three days, Michael Vaughan raised questions about the Indian team's lack of accomplishments. He highlighted their tendency to fall short in winning matches despite having ample resources at their disposal.

Recently, India faced a setback in the World Cup final, concluding a ten-game winning streak by losing to Australia. Their last triumph in an ICC Trophy occurred in 2013 under the leadership of MS Dhoni during the Champions Trophy. Despite making it to the semi-finals of various limited-overs global events seven times since then, as well as participating in the World Test Championship finals in 2021 and 2023, India has consistently fallen short of victory.

Michael Vaughan labels India as the most underachieving team

The quest for a maiden Test series win in South Africa continued for India, marked by an innings defeat in the first of the two Tests in the series on Thursday.

Vaughan began by questioning Mark Waugh, who was also present in the studio: “Do you think, in terms of cricket, India are one of the most underachieving sports teams in the world?”

Waugh deflected the question back, Vaughan said, “They haven’t won much in recent times. I think they are [an underachieving side]. They don’t win anything. When was the last time they won something? With all the talent they have, all the skill-set.

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Echoing Vaughan's sentiments, Waugh pointed out that although the Indian team has secured numerous victories, they have struggled to clinch significant matches, resulting in a major trophy drought spanning over a decade.

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