"Would want to know how it works...." - Rahul Dravid proposes idea to decode MS Dhoni's cerebral mind

Dhoni received an honourable mention from Indian head coach Rahul Dravid on the YouTube show - CRED Curious.
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Former India skipper MS Dhoni has been instrumental in numerous victories for the Men in Blue throughout his illustrious career, often showcasing his ability to deliver under pressure and secure triumphs in the crucial final overs.

Regarded by many as the greatest Indian captain in the history of the sport, Dhoni consistently demonstrated his tactical acumen throughout his decade-long international career. Whether it was strategizing dismissals or making pivotal decisions in high-pressure situations, Dhoni played multiple roles to ensure that India reached new heights across all formats.

Furthermore, he gave an exemplary testament of his prowess by leading the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) to a record-equalling five titles and establishing his dominance in the domestic circuit.

Known affectionately as "Captain Cool," Dhoni maintains a low profile and rarely engages with fans on social media, and prefers to remain elusive after every IPL season. Nonetheless, the legendary cricketer consistently receives accolades from cricket enthusiasts online. Recently, Dhoni was commended by the current Indian head coach, Rahul Dravid, during an episode of the YouTube show "CRED Curious."

Rahul Dravid proposes idea to decode MS Dhoni's cerebral mind

During a conversation with Kunal Shah, Dravid was asked about the type of software he would like to create for cricket in order to enhance his coaching abilities. In response, Dravid expressed his desire to delve into players' minds and gain insight into how they handle pressure situations.

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"I think I would really love to know how the mind works. Why do people react one way under pressure than others react differently in similar situations? What is that sort of triggers people to make much better-informed decisions under pressure than others? What about that?," Dravid explained.

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