Watch: Worst review ever! Rashid Khan - Hardik Pandya review LBW when ball was hit to long on

Rashid Khan convinced Gujarat Titans skipper Hardik Pandya to go for one of the worst DRS reviews in IPL 2022. 
A massive blunder from Rashid Khan.

Hardik Pandya and Rashid Khan were involved in taking arguably the worst DRS review ever during GT's IPL 2022 game versus LSG. 

Gujarat Titans' (GT) ace wristspinner Rashid Khan went for inarguably one of the worst DRS reviews in IPL 2022 on Tuesday (May 10). Playing against the Lucknow Super Giants (LSG), Rashid convinced his skipper Hardik Pandya to opt for the review against a not out LBW appeal, even as the replay confirmed that LSG batter Ayush Badoni had middled the ball. 

It proved to be one of the worst DRS reviews seen, a rare blunder from Rashid on the cricket field. The Afghanistan spinner got overly excited and desperate after his LBW shout was turned down by the standing umpire, only to see the replay unveil that Badoni's willow had made clear contact with the ball. 

What perhaps created the illusion in the bowler's mind was the fact that Badoni couldn't quite reach to the pitch of the ball and had his bat peerlessly close to the pad while eventually sending the ball to the long-on fielder for a single. 

But still, it was a shocker from Rashid Khan, and even Pandya, to have even considered a review on that one. The technology only confirmed the error from the Titans and upheld the on-field call made by KN Anantha Padmanabhan. 

Rashid Khan-Hardik Pandya DRS blunder 

Moments after a close-in review, Rashid Khan was left embarrassed, seeing the ball clearly collide with Badoni's willow, at no stage touching the batter's legs for an LBW shout. What the standing umpire saw was seen also by the television official and Badoni was rightfully given the reprieve. 

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But the moment caused a lot of awkwardness on the faces of both Rashid and Pandya, who chose to look away from the rest of the Titans players while the replay confirmed a clear hit on Badoni's bat, with zero contact on the pads. 



The DRS was created to nullify the on-field howlers. But this was a howler of a review in itself, taken more in hope than any substance by an overeager bowler and his equally desperate captain, eyeing quick breakthroughs to make it a contest after posting a modest 144/4 on the board.