"Will love to see umpire stats" - Warner draws comparison to NFL after LBW outburst

Warner emphasized that he did not harbor any suspicions of bias among the esteemed panel of umpires.
David Warner

David Warner has expressed his desire for more umpire accountability and voiced his frustration with the ball-tracking technology in the wake of his lbw dismissal during Australia's victory over Sri Lanka in Lucknow on Monday. Umpire Joel Wilson adjudged Warner out lbw for 11 as he played back to a delivery from left-arm quick Dilshan Madushanka.

Warner promptly sought a review, only to be left bewildered and visibly irked when the ball tracking indicated that the ball was striking the outer part of the leg stump. Although Australia retained their review due to it being umpire's call, Warner vocally expressed his discontent as he left the field.

Speaking on Tuesday, he elucidated the reasons for his dissatisfaction and disclosed what he had conveyed to Wilson following the dismissal. He also advocated for the publication of umpires' individual decision percentages on the large screen, mirroring the display of batting statistics.

David Warner clears any doubts of suspicions

"There's a lot to say in terms of what I'd like to see. This probably won't get across, but players' stats go up on the board as you walk out to bat. When they announce the umpires, and they come up on the screen, I'd love to see their stats come up on the board as well. Because we see that in the NRL (National Rugby League). NRL shows those stats. I think the NFL (National Football League) shows those stats [as well]. I think it's a great thing for the spectators to see as well," the Aussie said.

Warner emphasized that he did not harbor any suspicions of bias among the esteemed panel of umpires. However, he did emphasize the need for greater accountability.

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Additionally, Warner directed his criticism at the ICC's ball-tracking technology provider Hawk-Eye, asserting that he has never received an explanation of the technology and contending that there should be enhanced accountability when the ball-tracking data appears inconsistent with the replay.

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