WATCH: Dhruv Jurel creates chance out of thin air to runout Ben Duckett

Jurel, who made his debut in the Rajkot Test, justified his selection with his excellent presence of mind.
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The Indian team are currently in the driver's seat in the ongoing IND vs ENG 3rd Test after they declared their second innings at a score of 430 for 4, setting a 500-plus chase for the visitors. While England hoped for a steady start from their openers Ben Duckett and Zak Crawley in their towering pursuit, the Three Lions were in for a shocking surprise. 

England suffered a major setback with a mix-up as early as the seventh over of their second innings, much to the delight of the Indian faces. Wicketkeeper Dhruv Jurel, who made his debut in this Test, justified his selection with his excellent presence of mind to runout Ben Duckett and put England under pressure early. 

Ben Duckett, intent on defending a delivery from Jasprit Bumrah, found himself ensnared in an unfortunate mix-up with his opening partner Zak Crawley. As Duckett directed the ball towards mid-wicket and pushed for a single, Crawley hesitated, causing Duckett to become stranded halfway down the pitch.

WATCH: Dhruv Jurel's amazing work to runout Duckett

Crawley although signaled Duckett back, Siraj seized the opportunity but threw the ball wide of the stumps. In a desperate attempt to salvage the situation, Jurel sprinted towards the wickets with great speed, snatching the ball just in time to dislodge the bails before Duckett could reach safely.

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The Indian players commended Jurel's remarkable effort for retrieving the ball from a challenging angle and maintaining his posture to ensure the runout. Courtesy of the India wicketkeeper's swift reflexes, England lost their opening wicket and provided India with a crucial breakthrough before the Tea session, India eventually claimed another wicket with Bumrah dismissing Crawley soon.

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