Watch: Haris Rauf involved in heated argument with a fan

Haris Rauf was involved in an altercation with one of the fans, and the video of the whole incident is viral across social media platforms.
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Haris Rauf was involved in an altercation with one of the fans, and the video of the whole incident is viral across social media platforms. As visible in the clip, Haris is walking sideways on the road with his wife when a group of fans pass near them, and one of them taunts Rauf for Pakistan’s abysmal performance in the T20 World Cup 2024.

Haris loses his calm immediately and starts running towards that person, and while his wife tries stopping him, he doesn’t listen. As Rauf reaches that troller, the other fans try to defuse the matter and send him back, away from the person who trolled him in order to stop the matter from exacerbating.

Later, Rauf exclaimed something like Ye India se hoga (He must be Indian)’, to which the person replied, ‘Nahi, main Pakistan se hoon, 1 picture maangi hai bass fan hoon (No, I am from Pakistan. I wanted a picture with you only)’. The other conversation amidst the altercation isn’t clearly audible since the video is taken from a fair distance.

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Even while going away, Rauf was furious, and his wife somehow took him away, as visible at the end of the video. The matter could have turned physical had other fans not stopped Rauf just in time, and things would have been a lot worse than they actually were.

Haris Rauf releases a statement on the altercation with a fan

As things escalated, Haris Rauf received ample flak for his actions and was called out by users and fans across social media platforms for his rough behaviour. However, he has now released a statement to clarify, stating he could not control himself when anyone targets his family.

“I decided not to bring this on social media, But not that the video is out, I feel it is necessary to address the situation. As public figures, we are open to receiving all kinds of feedback from the public. They are entitled to support or criticise us. Nevertheless, when it comes to my parent and my family, I will not hesitate to respond accordingly. It is important to show respect towards people and their families, irrespective of their professions.”

While it’s hard to tell who was at fault, the positive thing is no serious harm happened during the altercation. It is not the first time a Pakistani player has vented at a fan.

Earlier, Azam Khan was also seen having a go at one of the Pakistani fans during the live game. Unfortunately, cricketers have to face such criticism regularly but have to ignore it most of the time.

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