Watch: Joe Root stuns all; goes on a reverse ramp spree at start of day 4 of Ashes Test

The England batting giant went for an extrordinary reverse-ramp right at the beginning of a fresh day's play in the Ashes 2023 opener in Edgbaston. 
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The frenzy of the 'Bazball' era has caught up with even the ever-elegant Joe Root to such extent that the modern-day giant was on Monday (June 19) attempting his famous reverse-ramp first ball of Day 4 of the Ashes 2023 opener versus Pat Cummins. 

Facing one of the ace speedsters of the world game with England two down for 28 and leading the opposition by just 35 runs in the critical third-innings, Root took the bizarre option of going for the ramp over the wicketkeeper and the slip cordon. 

Even though he missed the short-of-length ball from Cummins, Joe Root made England's intentions absolutely clear and announced to their arch-rivals they wouldn't cave into any pressure of the situation or the opposition attack. 

Cricket lovers following England's Test game in the 'Bazball' era are used to Root disturbing the bowler's length and line with this famous ramp of his. But even they wouldn't have expected the historically sedate and technically correct batter to go so deep into the ultraggressive route to target Cummins with the ramp on the very first ball of a fresh day's play. 

Joe Root reverse-ramps Cummins on the first ball 

The clip of the incident has gone viral over Twitter ever since the play on Day 4 of the Ashes opener began in Birmingham. Approaching the first ball with a clear intention to ruffle the feathers for Pat Cummins & co, Joe Root instantly got into his act and attempted an extraordinary reverse-ramp. 

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The right-hander missed the delivery, but his attempt at the unorthodox in the given situation and circumstances made for a great viewing for cricket lovers and commentators. The batter wore a sheepish look on his face, aware that he just did something unique to his character and reputation. 

The ill-execution of that stroke, however, held no bar on Joe Root. 

The great batter persisted with the aggressive route and played the exact same reverse-ramp for a six and a four in the following over against the steady and in-form Scott Boland.