Watch: Joshua Da Silva's mother showers love and praise on Virat Kohli

The West Indies wicketkeeper paid to his mother's wish and got her to interact with her favourite Indian player before Day 2 of the Trinidad Test. 
Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli had a special fan waiting for him outside the Queen's Park Oval before Day 2 of the Trinidad Test against the West Indies. The Indian batting great, who ultimately went on to mark Friday (July 21) as a memorable occasion by recording his 29th Test match century, had the stage set in his favour with some motherly affection and blessings received from the opposite camp. 

After expressing his respect and love for the modern-day legend from behind the stumps throughout the Test series, West Indies wicketkeeper Joshua Da Silva had his mother meeting Kohli just as the players reached the stadium for the day's play in Trinidad. 

Obviously a great fan of Virat Kohli, Da Silva's mother couldn't hold back from showering the batting maestro with hugs and praise, which would've made the Indian giant's day as he wore a wide grin about his face and took pictures with her. 

The clipping of the incident was recorded by veteran journalist Vimal Kumar and has gone viral on Twitter, where Kohli was equally delighted to receive one of his biggest fans with Da Silva's mother looking overjoyed to meet her favourite Indian star. 

Da Silva's mother showers love on Kohli 

The clip saw Da Silva's mother hug and kiss on cheek to Virat Kohli as he soon she saw him after leaving the team bus on his way to the ground for the start of the fresh day's play. Kohli, as always, was willing to wait for his fan and wore a big smile when he learnt that it is Da Silva's mother after forming an amusing bond with the opposition cricketer through their stump-mic chatters in Dominica and now Trinidad. 

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The moment she received him, Da Silva's mother gave Kohli a heartening hug and kiss on the cheek, while he noticed Da Silva standing at the back and interacted with him for a second. The lady then told Kohli how much it means for her to meet a cricketer the world wants a piece of these days. 

She was so excited that she couldn't even complete her initial sentence and interrupted herself to tell Da Silva to quickly take a picture of them so that Kohli can continue with his training duties for Day 2 thereafter. 

The meeting was arranged by Da Silva, who seemingly had been told in no uncertain terms that she wants to meet and interact with her favourite Indian player. The cricketer would've been more than happy to bring a smile to her face. As was Kohli.