Watch: Pat Cummins, Shivam Mavi pull off fantastic tag team catch to help dismiss Riyan Parag

Pat Cummins and Shivam Mavi combined seamlessly to help KKR send back the dangerous Riyan Parag. 
Pat Cummins Shivam Mavi

Pat Cummins and Shivam Mavi pulled off one of the better catches of IPL 2022. 

In a fantastic fielding effort near the ropes, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) duo Pat Cummins and Shivam Mavi combined to pull off a thrilling catch to help their team dismiss Rajasthan Royals (RR) batter Riyan Parag in an IPL 2022 game this Monday (April 18). 

Parag, the unfortunate batter, smashed the ball down the ground for a near-certain six, only to see Cummins get around the ball and secure a wicket for his team with Mavi providing him adequate help with a jump inside the ropes. 

The RR batter timed the ball to very good effect but Pat Cummins' tall stature and Mavi's excellent jump meant he had to make the long walk back on what should've been a straightforward six off his willow. 

Pat Cummins-Shivam Mavi duo lead to Riyan Parag's downfall 

The brilliant tag-team catch was seen at the start of the 18th over in RR's first-innings. Eyeing big hits, Parag got a full-pitched delivery from KKR's mystery spinner Sunil Narine in his radar from around-the-wicket angle and duly dispatched it with his beautiful downswing to the long-off region. 

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From the moment the ball hit his bat, Parag looked like getting a six. But to his disbelief, Pat Cummins sprinted across to cover for the ball and pulled off a catch. Alert of the momentum taking him past the boundary cushion, he made sure his teammate Mavi had the chance to secure the rebound. 

It wasn't the easiest of rebounds, as it required Mavi to time his jump to perfection and the young Indian fast-bowler did exactly that to pull off a one-handed grab. 



It was a perfect tag-team catch by the Pat Cummins-Shivam Mavi duo, one that allowed them to send the dangerous Parag back when RR were on a potentially game-defining boundary hunt in the death-overs. 

Given how close Cummins was to the ropes, standing umpires asked Parag to wait before they checked the replays, where the catching appeal from KKR was upheld once it got confirmed that the Australian quick was inside the playing arena when he gave Mavi the rebound.