WATCH: Quinton de Kock's terrific direct hit on the non-striker's end to run Axar Patel out

Quinton de Kock affected a terrific run out to send back Axar Patel with a direct throw on the non-striker’s end.
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Quinton de Kock affected a terrific run out to send back Axar Patel with a direct throw on the non-striker’s end. It was a smart proactive fielding effort from Quinton, who showed an amazing presence of mind to find Axar short of his crease.

Kagiso Rabada bowled a short of a length delivery outside the leg-stump line to Virat Kohli, who couldn’t connect his shot, and the ball went to the left of Quinton after hitting thigh pads. However, Axar was slightly careless, and Quinton identified an opportunity.

He immediately picked the ball and hit it straight on the stumps on the non-striker’s end, and Axar, who didn’t expect the throw to come to his end, was short of his crease. He could have turned quickly and made it to his crease, but sloppy running resulted in a run out against the run of play.

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Axar wasn’t happy, but he had himself to blame only for that unfortunate run out. The wicket came at the wrong time for India, for Axar was looking fine throughout his stay and should have carried it long.

Axar Patel plays a fantastic innings under pressure

Axar Patel played a terrific innings of 47 runs in 31 balls, including four maximums and a boundary, at a strike rate of 151.61. When he arrived, India were reeling at 34/3 and required a steady partnership, and Axar Patel did precisely that with Virat Kohli.

Axar took spinners down and put the pressure off Virat Kohli, who tried to play longer and hold one end steadily. Axar was also equally fluent against pacers and also hit them for a few boundaries while running hard between the wickets.

His partnership with Virat Kohli stretched for 72 runs in 54 balls and helped India to get back on track by laying a strong foundation for the big hitters to follow. Axar was easily India’s best batter in the game, for his presence didn’t allow South African spinners to settle easily.

It required a special run out from Quinton de Kock to end his stay. Maybe Axar could have done better, but he still played his part.

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