Watch: Deepti influence in Pakistan; Shadab Khan threatens run-out at non-striker's end

Shadab Khan gave Harry Brook a shock by nearly attempting a run-out at the non-striker's end in Karachi during the seventh T20I of the series. 
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Shadab Khan pulled out from an attempted run-out at the non-striker's end against England batter Harry Brook in Karachi. 

Pakistan spin allrounder Shadab Khan found an amusing way to send a warning to England non-striker Harry Brook not to cross the popping crease before he delivers the ball. Khan threatened to run Brook out but stopped just before he could unleash an aim at the stumps and indulged in a wry smile. 

Brook was taken by complete surprise but Khan's intentions were also never to get him dismissed but to send a warning across. The wristspinner need not have done so since the rules allow him to run out the non-striker if the batter happens to move outside the crease before he delivers the ball. 

But Shadab Khan avoided the controversy and kept things down to fun and games with Brook, giving him a real shocker when the batter when looking in front at his partner David Malan. 

Shadab's funny warning, however, forced him to quickly reassert his ground with the bat firmly planted behind the white line, ensuring he can't be run out for illegally stealing a few but critical inches. 

Shadab Khan nearly run-out Brook at non-striker's end 

To be fair to Brook, though, he never really went outside the crease at the non-striker's end. The English batter, in fact, firmed up his position behind the white line by stressing his bat onto the turf as it was even before Shadab Khan stopped to give him an indirect warning. 

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The incident is from the second ball of the 11th over in the England first-innings batting effort in Karachi during the T20I series decider. The seventh match of the historic series could've easily gained controversial proportions had Khan gone ahead and tried to aim for the run-out. 



But he stopped mid-way through and erupted in a grin, which suggested he was never truly intending to run-out Brook, who also played his part correctly by farming the crease as all non-strikers are supposed to in the laws of the game before the bowler releases the ball. 

The act of running out the non-strikers has been a topic of widespread debate once again ever since Indian allrounder Deepti Sharma dismissed England batter Charlie Dean at Lord's in the third ODI of the series.