Watch: Yusuf Pathan, Mitchell Johnson involved in angry pushing and shoving in Legends League Cricket

The two former internations were involved in an ugly spat in Jodhpur, which is hosting the Legends League Cricket. 
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Yusuf Pathan and Mitchell Johnson were involved in a verbal altercation in the Legends League Cricket

Former international stars Yusuf Pathan and Mitchell Johnson were involved in an ugly spat during one of the Legends League Cricket games. 

Pathan and Johnson were seen throwing verbal abuses at each other before things escalated and resulted in an angry push from the Australian bowler against the Indian batter. 

The incident is from Jodhpur, which hosted the Qualifier game between Bhilwara Kings and India Capitals. Playing for the Kings, Pathan was seen staring hard at Capitals speedster Johnson, before they exchanged abuses in extreme anger. 

It isn't clear what triggered the anger, but what followed left everyone worried that the two cricketers could be seen hitting each other. That didn't happen thanks to the rest of the Capitals players and the standing umpires. 

But Johnson was seen pushing Yusuf Pathan back by thumping him on his chest as the latter advanced at him and threatened to intimidate the Australian pacer. 

Yusuf Pathan, Mitchell Johnson fight ugly 

The two cricketers were seen nearly crossing the line and physically going after each other in a clip that is doing the rounds on Twitter. During the course of the clip, one can spot Yusuf Pathan giving a long, hard stare at Johnson, presumably after the bowler may have said something to him. 

Pathan started walking at the Australian pacer while the latter also didn't hold back. They both came peerlessly close to each other and started throwing abuses at each other, which ultimately resulted in Johnson pushing the opposition batter back. 

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In that moment, Pathan was trying to impose his presence at Johnson. But the latter didn't back off either and came up with a thump on Pathan's chest, asking him to return to his original position or face consequences. 

It was the ugliest possible advert for the game in what happens to be a Legends series designed with the intention for passionate cricket lovers to get a chance to revisit watching their favourite retired cricketing stars. 

While Johnson was involved in an on-field altercation not for the first time in his career, it was a rare occurrence for Pathan, considered a highly calm and unruffled individual during his playing days.