WATCH: Virat asks Rohit to come forward as duo lift trophy together on top of victory parade bus

Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma lifted the trophy together with arms on each other during the victory parade in Mumbai.
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Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma lifted the trophy together with arms on each other during the victory parade in Mumbai. While Virat was holding the cup, he asked Rohit to come forward and give the pose to the camera with him.

As Rohit came forward, Virat handed him the trophy, and the duo lifted it in a flash in front of a huge crowd. The duo had a big smile on their face, and the crowd acknowledged both stars with a loud roar.

The cheer was already deafening, but as the two came together with the trophy in their hands, the crowd lost it, and the decibels surged significantly. These two are crowd favourites and receive ample love and affection from the whole country, and when these two came together, the cheers were bound to rise.

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There have been so many reports about the rifts between these two, but Virat and Rohit have never cared about those rumours and kept working on improving Indian cricket. The duo have worked immensely and deserve all the affection they have been receiving over the years.

India team host a victory parade in Mumbai

The Indian team is currently hosting a massive victory parade in Mumbai to celebrate the T20 World Cup trophy. All team members, including the support staff, were available on the bus and enjoyed the cheers of the crowd from all corners.

It was a sight to behold, for all cricketers and sportspersons crave moments like these and play sports to get as much fame and affection. All Indian cricketers were playing tricks and doing their antics with the crowd, which was uncontrollable seeing their favourites do the victory celebration.

The players will now move to Wankhede Stadium, where they will be felicitated and awarded the prize cheque by the officials. A few speeches might also follow, following the prize ceremony.

Clearly, it’s not only the win of the team; the whole nation has won with this team. The fans have followed and cheered for their teams in every corner of the world, and this victory parade is the ideal way to acknowledge it.

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